1. Winterfell
    King's Landing in the South and The Wall at the North
    The Eyrie
    Dragonstone and Riverrun
    Harrenhal and Pyke
    The Twins and The Dreadfort
    Essos: Pentos, Qarth & Vaes Dothrak
    Slaver's Bay: Astapor, Yunkai & Meereen
    The North Remembers


    ¿Fui la única que tarareó la intro mientras veía los gifts? ¿No? Ok *me voy*

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  5. Plastinated circulatory system

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    "good night" by Laura Makabresku

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    BRB. Must go wipe away the tears after watching that trailer.

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    "El tiempo para leer, al igual que el tiempo para amar, dilata el tiempo de vivir" - Daniel Pennac

    "Time spent reading, like time spent loving, increases our lifetime" - Daniel Pennac



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    following back tons!

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    True 😕 unter We Heart It.

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    " I am not in love with you. I am in love with the idea of you. If it’s any consolation, you’re the best idea I’ve ever had. I’m sorry. "

    I think that´s really the way I feel right now

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    following back tons!

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    Твиттер on We Heart It.

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